So last week, I was so fortunate to be contacted by Show Me St. Louis, the lovely Dana Hendrickson was interested in featuring me as a spot on the show! As you can guess, I was BEYOND thrilled!

My In Home Tasting is probably my most requested and most unique services. I am the only business in town that comes to your home (or office!) to cook you a full FOUR course meal paired with FOUR wines. I have always felt that the most difficult part of having a gathering at your house is to “be the host.” Constantly worrying if there is enough food, if everyone has something to drink, cleaning up, etc. My goal is to take all of that worry away. I bring everything. No, really… EVERYTHING! Food, wine, plates, utensils, glassware, cookware, napkins, etc. I host the dinner party FOR you. It can be as casual as a group of girls lounging around the living room, eating, drinking and laughing or as formal as a sit down dinner of couples. We swirl, smell, taste and talk about the wine, the food and the pairing. It’s meant to be fun, interactive and educational – much like most of the events I do.

Two of the most appealing parts to this event… Number One – you have nothing to clean up after. I show up with it all, I leave with it all. You barely have to run a dishwasher after I leave. Number Two – I am not there to sell you anything. No, I don’t have cases of wine or books of recipes in my car waiting to have your guests purchase. Unlike many “in home” events, there is pressure and incentive for attendees to buy products or book an event themselves… not here. All I want is to give you and your friends/family/colleagues/clients an EXPERIENCE! The rest should speak for itself. That being said, I only use products that can be found locally. So, if you like one of the wines, I can tell you where to buy it and for how much. That’s it.

Check out the spot and let me know what you think. I think this is a great option for your holiday needs. How many parties do you have to throw this season? Make it easy on yourself and let STLwinegirl do all the work 🙂

STLwinegirl on Show Me St. Louis – Monday, September 27, 2010

Hope you enjoy and I look forward to seeing you at an event SOON!


In Case You Missed It…

October 5, 2009

As you may have heard, STLwinegirl was fortunate enough to be selected as a food judge for the final preliminary challenge for the Taste of St. Louis Top Chef Competition. The “cookoff” was filmed LIVE as part of the KSDK-Metromix Primetime Special on October 1st. The following clip is only a portion of the show, made specially for STLwinegirl viewers 🙂

Hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feedback! This was the first live taping for me… Was crazy, exciting, nerve-racking and FUN! Thank you to KSDK, Metromix, Dana Hendrickson, Chef Jonathan Kraft, Dominic, Chef Brian Hale and Chef Stephen Gonthram for an amazing experience!!!!

STLwinegirl on TV

September 30, 2009

Catch STLwinegirl on the Channel 5
KSDK MetroMix Primetime Special!

There will be a “Top Chef” style competition at this weekend’s
Taste of St. Louis festival. In true Top Chef fashion, there have
been some “elimation” challenges along the way,
working up to the final face-off this weekend. The final two chefs
hoping to gain a spot on the stage at the Taste will go head to head

on live television tomorrow evening.

There will be three judges tasting the food, including one chef
and… one STLwinegirl!
Yes, I have so fortunately been selected and asked to be
\one of the judges to appear on the special and give my

professional opinion on two of STL’s best chefs’ dishes.

Needless to say, I am ridiculously excited, a little nervous,

but 99% EXCITED!

I love this kind of stuff. I love to watch it. I love to be part of it.

So, Thursday October 1 at 7pm on KSDK Channel 5.
Steve Gontram, Harvest vs. Brian Hale, Chase Park Plaza

For my out-of-towners, check out or

for possible streaming.